Typical Applications for Biodegradable Anchor Stakes

- Wetland and irrigation areas

- Coastal projects

- Golf course construction and maintenance

- Commercial agriculture

- Environmentally sensitive projects

- Commercial and residential landscaping


Buyers, designers, and installers in all these areas are discovering the flexibility and benefits of our stakes.

Use them whenever superior holding power is needed to secure material to the ground in an environmentally conscious manner.

Lay out the material per manufacturer’s instructions. Use a rubber mallet to push the stakes through the material to be secured and into the ground until the stake is at the desired height. Follow the material manufacturer’s instructions on how many stakes to use. In the absence of other instructions, Woven Earth recommends five stakes per square yard. Customize the number of stakes used together to meet your specific application and soil type. Woven Earth’s stakes are made with a high-strength, low elongation resin with exceptional impact resistance. If the job demands higher strength, such as partially frozen ground or steep slopes, customize the desired strength by nesting multiple stakes together and installing as above.

The rate of biodegradability depends on many factors, such as climate and the soil’s organic content, but in general the stakes will last 1-2 years before decomposing fully into carbon dioxide, water, and non-toxic biomass.