Weed control is always on the mind of a grower.  It's a matter of when, not if, you will do battle!

  Whether the garden is large or small, in sun or shade, soil wet, dry or poor — weeds soon appear. Some beginning gardeners quit gardening because of the continued weed battle. Like other plants, weeds may be annuals or perennials.

  Annual weeds include purslane, hairy bittercress, chickweed and spurge. Perennial weeds include Canada thistle, perennial sow thistle, ground ivy and some grasses.

  Not all weeds are bad. Some have colorful flowers and milkweed is essential for survival of Monarch butterflies. Most weeds produce enormous numbers of seeds.

  The key to successful weed control is routine observations for new small seedling weeds. Use a sharp hoe to cut off seedlings throughout the garden. If this is done at least once weekly, you will not have a weed problem.

  If neglect enters the picture, the weeds are fast growers and will invade all parts of the garden. As they grow, garden plants suffer from weed competition for water and soil nutrients. The goal is to maintain a weed-free garden.

  Early in the summer the garden should be mulched to prevent future weed growth. A wide assortment of mulch types are available. Bed should be weed-free before mulch application.

  Woven Earth is developing a unique mulch mat that growers can use to help fight weeds, save water, control erosion, and increase plants' health.  Check back soon to learn of our progress.