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Environmental Considerations

Q: How much water does it take to grow your hemp fiber?

A: It takes about 700 liters per kilogram of hemp fiber. In other words, it takes about 84 gallons per pound of hemp fiber. This is to plant, grow, harvest, and process the fiber.


Q: What fertilizer is used to grow your hemp fiber?

A: Only manure from animal sources. There is no artificial fertilizer used. In some areas, mineral fertilizer is used, but not in the area of the world that grows hemp for Woven Earth. Hemp is very tolerant to organic fertilizer, unlike flax.


Q: What insecticides are used to grow your hemp fiber?

A: There are no insecticides used.


Q: What pesticides are used to grow your hemp fiber?

A: There are no pesticides used.


Q: Is your hemp processed using manual labor?

A: Our hemp is grown, harvested, and processed using modern, automated equipment, in a stable, first-world country with modern labor laws. Children are never used to grow and process our hemp.

Properties of hemp fiber

Q: Is hemp fiber strong?

A: You bet! Hemp has been used for hundreds of years in applications requiring strength and durability. Sailing ships used ropes and sails made from hemp; the first blue jeans were made using hemp fiber.


Q: What makes hemp a good material for mulch?

A: In addition to its outstanding strength, hemp fiber is very absorbent. Its water uptake (around 12%) makes it thirsty for water. It then slowly releases the water into the soil. Hemp fiber also has antimicrobial properties.

Hemp is naturally weed and chemical free, doesn’t need composting, and is a beautiful, natural color (we don’t dye our mats).

As the mat breaks down, the hemp fibers provide nutrients your plants can use to grow. Additionally, each tiny fiber, as it works its way into your soil, continues to absorb water and slowly release it. We do not spray or marinate our fiber in any additional fertilizers.

Because the mat is thinner than a thick layer of bark mulch, rodents don’t find it attractive to nest in. And termites don’t like hemp, either!

Purchasing Woven Earth’s Products

Q: Do you offer large volume discounts?

A: Yes, we offer discounts for larger volumes.


Q: Do you sell to other businesses, contractors, or distributors?

A: We sure do! Call or write us to see how we can bring value to your project pipeline or product portfolio.


Q: Can I find Woven Earth’s products in my local retail store?

A: Our hemp mulch mats were just introduced to market in March 2015, and we are currently making efforts to get our products in a hardware or nursery near you, but right now the only way to purchase is through our online store, through the Amazon marketplace, or by calling or writing us directly.

Many times by calling or writing us, we can save you money on shipping. Because we know our products, we can consolidate packaging, for example. We believe in reducing our packaging, so you can reduce your waste, so we make every effort to minimize packaging.

Using Woven Earth’s hemp-based products

Q: Can I use your mats as a cover for my potted plants?

A: I certainly do! The mats make a beautiful and functional cover in your potted plants and flowers. They perform beautifully in this capacity.


Q: Are your mats good for mulching on hillsides?

A: This is where the design of our mats shines! Our mats are heavier than other types of organic mulch, and because they are anchored down using our stakes or some other anchor, they stay put in rains or light foot traffic. They are light enough to carry up a hill, so there is no need to use a wheelbarrow or cart. Our mats weight just 7% of their equivalent area coverage in bark mulch (assuming a 3” bark mulch depth).


Q: How do I use your mats?

A: In a bare landscape bed, lay out the mats just like unrolling bedroll. Anchor the corners and along the sides with anchor stakes or another anchor of your choice. We recommend at least one anchor stake every three feet, and on each corner. Once secure, make a slit or cut a hole where you would like your plants. From seed, a slit with a hori hori knife or other type of punch is all that’s needed. For an established plant, use a pair of garden shears or a sharp pair of kitchen shears to cut a hole the desired diameter. Transplant per the grower’s recommendations.

In a landscape bed established already, you have a few options. If all you desire is mulch around the immediate area of each plant, we recommend Woven Earth’s mulch mat squares. They arrive pre-slit from a corner to the center, making it easy to install around a plant, vine, tree, or bush. Anchor all corners with a biodegradable anchor stake or an anchor of your choice. If you’d like to have the full bed covered with mulch mat, we recommend purchasing a roll of material, laying it out outside the bed, and cutting slits in the material where each plant will be. Once complete, simply slide the roll into the bed, insuring each plant slides into its pre-cut opening. Anchor appropriately. In some cases you may want to use a combination of squares and larger rolls. All of our mats can be trimmed using a pair of garden shears or sharp kitchen shears.


Q: How do I figure out how much hemp-based mulch mat I need?

A: Our mats are manufactured with a consistent thickness, so just measure the length and width of the area you need covered. Multiply the two numbers together, and compare that number to the sizes we have available. In some cases, it may be easier to purchase a combination of squares and rolls.

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  • Testimonial

    On behalf of the USDA's BioPreferredĀ® program, the test results for your product indicate a biobased content of 100%.

    Kate Lewis, Deputy Manager, USDA BioPreferred Program
    Kate Lewis, Deputy Manager, USDA BioPreferred Program
  • Testimonial

    The quality of the stakes are simply amazing! I wish I would have known about Woven-Earth earlier. You've definitely gained a lifetime customer.

    Stephanie, from California
    Stephanie, from California
  • Testimonial

    Hello Chris - Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent customer service yesterday.

    Bill, from Washington
    Bill, from Washington
  • Testimonial

    Great item! I just helped my neighbor put down some erosion blankets a while back, he used these stakes and was talking about how amazing they were.

    Don, verified buyer at Amazon
    Don, verified buyer at Amazon
  • Testimonial

    Thanks for the follow up, Chris. I took before and after pictures and I'll be observing to see how well they work. I found the product easy to work with.

    Kristy, from Kansas
    Kristy, from Kansas
  • Testimonial

    I love that these tent stakes are biodegradable, what a wonderful thing! Much more durable than the typical stakes you would find in any hardware store.

    Ryan, from Amazon
    Ryan, from Amazon